Our KLIP’s reporting capability is the the ultimate deciding factor for buyers. Insights and Reporting is essential, because it offers deep insights into how effective the training strategy is, and how well the strategy meets outcome goals and objectives. 

KLIP reporting encompasses compliance tracking for eLearning, to see if the training the learners are receiving are meeting standards. Reporting data also provides for better student management capabilities, as it allows to see which learners are excelling, and which ones need extra help. It also highlights the particular areas learners need extra help in, making it easier to provide them with the help they need. 

Our KLIP also provides easy access to data, user friendly capabilities to analyze data within your LMS, options to present learning data (tables, charts, graphs, etc.), saves time by quickly creating custom reports, extensive ad hoc query capabilities, and the ability to demonstrate the impact of learning on business outcomes.


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