Choosing an LMS is not about features. For colleges, it is about asking the right questions and the right answers.

Institutes of higher learning and colleges need to ask the following questions to an LMS provider before they choose the next gen LMS.

  • Is it easy to use ?
  • Does this provide seamless mobile access?
  • Does it really save time ?
  • Does it make the Academic Supervisors and Educational Administrators work easier?
  • Is it dependable ?

Daemon’s Knowledge and Learning Information Platform provides a resounding Yes answer to all of the questions above

Daemonn’s KLIP for Colleges and Institutes of higher learning have the following best of breed features built in :

Must have components for a College LMS KLIP compliance
Content Management
SCORM 1.2 Compliant Yes
Content Structuring Yes
Topic/Page Navigation Yes
Roadmap Creator Yes
Question Builder Yes
Certification Builder Yes
Mobile Technology yes
Installation and Operation readiness
Multi Course / Multi User / Multi Tier platform Yes
Message Board Yes
Discussion Forum Yes
Events Yes
Catalog With Status, About, Length, rating etc Yes
My courses with status, launch, reference and progress Yes
Search Engine Yes
Linking to 3rd party developed content Yes
Certification System Yes