Corporate learning management platforms are designed to help you deliver a range of online training courses, from employee on-boarding resources to workshop courses and even hybrid variants. The main benefit is you can collect training metrics for each learner and build the most effective learning environment for them. Plus, you can perform skills gap analysis with pre-testing, spot difficulties in the learning curve throughout the training, and adapt the learning tempo accordingly. Another advantage of corporate LMS is that you can evaluate employees' performance with post-course tests and metrics. 

  • Tracking the Learning:A Learning Management System helps to achieve this by keeping track of who has taken the training and how well they performed.
  • Prompting for Retraining:An LMS can inform you when the last training was undertaken and when it must be retaken to promote continuous improvement
  • Real-Time Audit Reporting:A Learning Management System can accurately track the learners’ progress and provide detailed reports in real time.
  • Learning on Demand:An LMS grants the learners access to training material 24/7.
  • Learning Anytime, Anywhere:Organisations are ready to deliver their training on Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets. A device-responsive LMS can support adoption of mLearning by delivering eLearning (in the form of mobile apps, videos, and other formats) to mobile devices, paving way for learning anytime, anywhere.

Daemon’s KLIP provides for the following benefits to the companies and enterprises:

  • Boost in Employee Performance
  • Reduced Training Costs
  • Regulated Multiple Sites Deployment.
  • Nobody Misses the Training
  • Learning Aligned to Organisation’s Needs

Daemon KLIP has also incorporated features such as:

  • Gamification
  • Mobile-ready features
  • Microlearning
  • Personalisation
  • Social Learning

With all these features, you can deliver a highly engaging user experience and enhance the impact of your training.

Want more insight into the benefits of Learning Management System and how to maximise the usage of your existing LMS platform to improve the ROI of your training spend?

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