Byte sized Learning for Sales Force Effectiveness and exemplary Customer Service

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Enabling businesses drive participation, engagement, employee productivity and effective last mile customer sales and service in the service industries with a game based approach to Service Enablement

Why customer service is becoming a differentiator for Store Performance in the any customer facing Industry ?

Customer service and cross selling are vitally important differentiators across the many services industry, and customer experience drives loyalty and cross-product holdings. The challenge is to develop a customer experience model that treats each customer as an individual and maintains satisfaction and loyalty levels that drives a customer back to the service point and enables customer monetization.

Recently I was at a upscale coffee shop where I ordered a Chai Latte. The brew was pre mixed with sugar and the the person serving was unaware of the same and pointed me to where the sugar was kept and luckily I tasted the brew before I was going to add some sugar. I would expect something as basic as this to be handled by a person who knows what he is selling but alas for a INR 170 brew that still was not the case .

In another case a bank rolled out a new feature set on their web application and the person doing training for us seemed to have no clue on what and how did the new set of features behave and what data sets were pre requisites etc and our employees were in fact training this banking employee which was quite funny.

The problem today is that the service personnel are so overloaded the learning has slowed and companies put un- trained people in front of the customer to serve our products and services. It’s a big issue because they may keep losing customers due to the miserable service experience or other product and service issues and these are not even complicated skilled scenarios but one that involves basic training’s

Some of the best employees out there are positive thinkers, driven by research and never-ending curiosity to discover fast-growing markets, new technologies, and new techniques to make them succeed in the competitive service industry. The making of a great service or sales person is no easy task; we are constantly dealing with the HYPERLINK “”ongoingHYPERLINK “” changes in the sales and service world. The world is no longer the one we have learned to live in.

The challenge of directly linking branch level customer service to profits has been understood though efforts to improve customer service and cross product sales have not been measured conclusively. However, there was is a common belief that customer experience would remain a key battle ground for many industries going forward and bench marking customer service would become a more common process when developing a perfect customer experience model.

High levels of employee engagement will facilitate the delivery of improved levels of sales and customer service. For example in banking with the branches becoming one more channel than the prime channel due to proliferation of online channels, attention on employee engagement has to be treated as a strategic task that can change the profitability of these companies.

The key problem today is these employees don’t have time to be properly trained and when they do have time during less busy days companies are not able ensure they can do BYTE sized learning to upgrade their capabilities. Customer service training can be encouraged in non-formal settings supported by strong touch point-level observation and feedback. A significant number of companies also operate some form of reward and recognition scheme based around the branch customer service experience.