Byte sized Learning for Sales Force Effectiveness and exemplary Customer Service

At a time when the social media is transforming the enterprise, Gamification is emerging as the software component that binds employees, organizational values and objectives. Gartner predicts that 50 percent of businesses will use Gamification by 2020 to encourage staff to be more dedicated and innovative when managing customer relationships. By 2018, more than 70 percent of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application in employee engagement areas.

Areas of service impacted by Gamification

  • How to handle all the objections that customers have been tossing on service people
  • How to reduce issue resolution time?
  • How to spot an opportunity in customer conversations?
  • How to promote self-service in certain customer segments and product categories?
  • How to track customer’s feedback and associate it with front line customer associates?
  • How to deal with an irate Customer?
  • How to inspire employees to help others?

Areas of Sales augmented by Gamification

  • Constant reinforcement of products and services offered by the Organization
  • How to understand customer needs and requirements?
  • How to suggest the right product at the opportune time ?
  • How to promote specific product categories and segments?
  • How to inspire employees to help sales and get rewards ?

Analytics to improve performance

Tying the learning data with the organizational performance systems also provides a view of how the performers keep ahead of the pack and how to get the others to follow suit and could be the next step in the journey to excellence

Apart from the above challenges, rewarding front-line customer care executives for prompt and pre-emptive problem resolution and recognizing customers for their help in enhancing customer service are some other challenges faced by organizations, and it can be tackled successfully by adding Gamification elements in their training engagements.

Enterprises realize the need to have a Learning Management Platform with an ability to integrate Gamification and provide for a seamless training experience.

Key attributes of a gamified LMS include:

  • Multi-device support – It should be possible for an associate to do the training on her mobile when she has thin crowds at the till
  • Concept wise learning through video and VR based learning
  • An easy to understand, interactive and fun based learning system
  • Ability to dashboard participant performance against peers, locations, departments and subjects and re-target for customer orientation
  • Provide motivational messaging for performers and dangle a carrot to the others that egg them to perform

Gamification based LMS – An Overview

Gamification based LMS have the following additional components built into them: