Daemon KLIP provides for a personalized learning experience. In order to achieve this, we have made sure that once the users log into the system, they know exactly what they should do and why.

This becomes even more important as KLIP has many different users like Superadmins managing the overall system, Power Users who manage specific parts of the system, instructors who train learners, and learners themselves. Each type of user has their own specific needs.

To improve the experience, we have chosen to show different information and modules in each type of user’s dashboard so they can efficiently access what they need. You can choose to display a list of active courses (in either “catalog” or “channel” view), a calendar of upcoming classroom sessions, a set of admin and learner KPIs, gamification (e.g., a leaderboard), HTML with some instructions, or even a link with external content.


We at Daemon believe that retaining our existing customers are the topmost priority and to facilitate that idea we have a dedicated staff working round the clock

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